River Mentana Gin

The idea of a "Venetian gin" comes from a recipe for monobotanical gin
(gin derived from a single botanical source), based exclusively on juniper
berries, created by Domenico Maschio in the 1940s.

The aromas transport you among the Calli in a balance somewhere between reality and dream, between art and beauty.

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Laguna Nord Vodka

The Venetian red of Laguna Nord is the new color of vodka, aprecious color that symbolises strength and passion. The colorred is a classic that Laguna Nord Vodka interprets withcontemporary personality exhibiting its world made of style, mastery, and taste.

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Grappa, Grappa!

We want our Grappa, Grappa! to be a manifesto in defense of the iconic Italian distilled drink, for which top quality is an absolute must.

Intense and floral, White Grappa, Grappa!

Soft and balsamic, Barrique Grappa, Grappa!

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