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River Mentana Gin

River Mentana Gin

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The idea of a "venetian gin" comes from a recipe for monobotanical gin (gin derived from a single botanical source), based exclusively on juniper berries, created by Domenico Maschio in the 1940s. p>

A gin that highlights the peculiarities of the venetian terroir, enhancing the alcoholic base with mentana, an ancient wheat, fragrant and creamy, grown near the lagoon, and the surprising aroma of high-altitude junipers, coming from the "gran bosco da reme" of Venice. p>

The distillation of the berries, macerated in alcohol from grain, takes place in handmade copper stills. The juniper spirit that is obtained is subsequently redistilled to concentrate the aromas and flavors into a perfect molecular balance.

A superb gin: complex with a rich harmony of flavors and a strong juniper backbone.  Would make a first-class Martini.” - David T. Smith, blind tasting, Gin Magazine.

Style London Dry 0,70 L 42% Vol.

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