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Laguna Nord Vodka

Laguna Nord Vodka

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The Venetian red of Laguna Nord is the new color of vodka.

D From our experience as distillers comes the restyling of a great classic.

Laguna Nord Vodka is a pure cereal distillate characterized by the notes of the whole wheat Mentana, grown north of the Venice lagoon. An ancient wheat, fragrant and creamy, with a natural, strong salinity, enhanced by the soil in which it grows.

To preserve its nature, Laguna Nord is not filtered, thus guaranteeing the maximum expression of the territory.

It releases aromas of malt, toasted hazelnut and mint, fresh minerality on the palate and accents of sea salt, white pepper and spices. The finish is long, salty-sweet, with almond and English cream. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or in a fabulous Martini.

0,70 L 40% Vol.

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