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Lesson #1. When, how and why Gin&Tonic was born

Gin is an English term, derived from the Dutch genever , meaning juniper , and originally defines a brandy , mostly made from wheat, flavored with juniper berries .

From medicinal tonic to the cocktail spirit the world knows, its evolution is linked to British history, which we summarize from 1850 onwards.
In the second half of the nineteenth century, the very bitter quinine, diluted with water - the first Indian Tonic Water! - was administered to the crews of the East India Company to prevent malaria.
The English, evidently those with the most demanding palate, added gin to the bitter potion, to improve its flavor.

Thus, from curiosity and the desire to experiment, Gin & Tonic was born, immortalized by Churchill in his famous phrase: " The gin and tonic has saved more English lives and minds than all the doctors of the Empire ".

Gin Tonic River Mentana

Today the medicinal drink is attracting phenomenal interest in every corner of the planet. Thanks to its freshness , diuretic, antiseptic properties and great digestive power? Or of the collective imagination, which takes us to the set of 007 or to the counter of Harry's Bar?

Fascinating world, waiting to be experienced.

Drink intelligently, responsibly.

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